Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Peter Wiseman
Directed by Mike Smith

Charlie Haskell James Barr & Mark Beesley

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Plot Edit

Coles Finds Out Bunninngs Has Returned And Bunnings Has Two Commanderes Bunnings Might Be Tuffer Than Jim And The Others Think When Hes Monster Overpowers The Boys

Transcript Edit

Coles Ahhhh Yes Fin-

Bunnings This Place Is Boring

Coles Him

Kmart Who Is He

Coles He Was A Warrior But One Day That Fool Marzzz Glass Destroyed His Life

Target Yes Go Jump Now Turn Now Hop Now Smash Now

Coles After He Was Suted From The Place He Was Destroyed

Jim Hun A Attack Oh No Its One Of Coles Monsteres

Keeper No Its Actley Bunnings Go

Jim Hun Where

Bunnings Right Here If You Want Me


Jim Ugh That Hurt

Bunnings Marzz & Rays Come Destroy The Boys

Jim Ive Got Bunnings Legend Mode Moto Motobike

Bunnings Ahhhh Fool


Jim Ugh Hes Tuff

Marzz Fools Come Forward Now

Curry With Pluser Look Ive Got Scoutter Mode Let Me Use It

Coles Worthless Fool

Bunnings Hey Jimmy


Jim Moto Motobike




Bunnings Eongh


Jim Ok Now Look You Took Me Out Lengend Mode

Marzz Yes Let Me Worthless Boy


Jim Ugh

Snack No

Rays Ha


Curry Ugh We Will Not..............Give Up

Connor Fool There Too Powerful

Pack Even For Our Strongest Modes There Still Too Strong

Jim No Keeper Im U-

Keeper No Jimmy Dont If-

Jim Rapa Rapa Cycle

Marzz Let Me


Jim Ugh (falls off)

Bunninngs Fools They Never Learn Warehouses Attack The Boys

Jim Fuck

Pack I Aggre

To Be Contied.....

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