Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Len Uhley

Matt Wayne Len Wein & Greg Jaz

Directed by Britta Johnstone
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TBA The Gem Has Been Found

Plot Edit

New Villians By The Name Coles Kmart & Target Plan To Take Over Earth While Jim & The Other Guys Meat Keeper

Transcript Edit

Keeper You Must Keep Fighting With The Gems If Not That Coles Kmart & Target Will Rule Earth

Jim Who

Keeper Them

Coles Attack Keeper His The Real Threat Lucky I Got Repco To Help Me

Repco What Ever

Jim Oh Man

Repco Attack Jimmy

Jim Super Vest

Repco Fool

Jim Ok

Repco Is That The Best You Got

Jim Not Really But Yeah

Repco Very Well You Will Pay For Dareing To Changle Me

Jim Think Again Stupid Guy

Repco Ugh Eongh

Keeper Guys You Must Use The Ultra Fists

Jim What Ugh

Repco Giving Up So Soon

Jim Never

Repco Very Well

Snack Ultra Silver Fist

Repco Idiot

Jim No Youre One

Repco No You Are-


Coles Impossable Kmart

Kmart Yes Master

Target Yes Im Playing Games

Coles Turn That Shit Off And Get Me A Ugh No Impossable

Kmart Master Ive Got A Missle Thats Called Cole Blaster Cole Blaster Go

Jim Oh No

Repco Im Back But This Time You Will Go Down In Flames

Jim Oh Man Sonic Megazord Re-

Keeper No A Ultra Megazord Is Better

Jim Ok Old Man

Keeper Old Man? I Anet That Old Wait When Was I Born So Im 72 Now And I Was Born

Jim Ok Lets Finsh This

Repco If You Instect

Snack Ultra Blade


Repco Coles...................I......................Just Could Not Beat...............Them


Repco Shit


Coles My Ship You Will Pay Jimmy

Jim Ok Where Back

Keeper Whatever I Know When I Was Born 1943 Im So Old For You Fools Am I Wait Right There Im So

Curry Lets Go Play Football Or Something

The End

Charcteres Edit






Villians Edit




Triva Edit

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