Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Air date Unknown
Written by Len Uhley

Matt Wayne & Stan Berkowitz With Judd Lynn

Directed by Vanessa Alexander
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With The New Red Fist Nearly In Coles Hands Curry Has A Ider To Get It Back But....It Fails

Transcript Edit

Jim Ahhhh Yes Why Did Coles Steal It Hes Try- Gasp Oh No Its Not That Fun

Curry I Have A Plan To Get It Back Ive Set Traps Where The 7th Gem Is

Jim You Know Where Lets Get It

Coles Laughs Dick Heads Il Send A Warrior Out Um............... Stupid Idiot Dount King Yes

D King Hen

Jim Ok So You Said It Was Here A-


Coles Its Mine Ive Nearly Got It And Your Stupid What You Who


Curry Told You

Coles (gets hammers on him and gets wacked into the Star)

Coles No (gets shot by fire)


Curry His Gone

Coles Idiot Im Not

Coles Idiot Im Back

Jim Ugh Now Look He Surrived

Coles That Was The Weakest Trap I Ever Faced Ive Faced More Tuffer Than That Puny Trap That Was Worthless Now Im Going With This Laughs

Jim The 7th Gem You

Coles Yes 1 Of Your Traps Helped Me Thanks For Being So Useless Goodbye

Keeper Guys A Attack At The City

D King Come On Im Bored

Target Yes Yes Yes

Coles Ugh That Foolish Shit Now I Have The 7th Gem In My Hands

Jim Dino Spike Steal Cann

D King What

Jim Fire


Coles Ugh That Dick Head Big Form

Jim Jungle Fury Megazord

D King No

Jim Jungle Fury Final Strike


Keeper Yes Fi- Coles

Coles Hello Old Man I Want The Stargo Map

Keeper No Y-


Coles Here It Is

Jim Ha Stop Coming Into Our Base Keeper

Coles Yes Worry About Your Old Mentor While I Take This

Jim Guys Stop Him

Curry Claw Cann


Coles Back At You



Coles Idiots


Coles Now With The Gem And The Stargo Map In My Posion I Can Track The 8th Gem Hahahahaha

The End

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