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Written by Jim Peronto
Directed by Yujl Nogel
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Coles Startes To Play On Targets Games And Gets Fanned By It Big W Is Kiddnapped By A Powered Up Bunnings

Transcript Edit

Target Um Coles How Come You Havent Sent EB Games Yet Its About Time Fine I Will Hun Coles

Coles Ahhhhh Yes 20 Level

Target Coles I- No What You Say My Games Are Bullshit And Crap And Shit Why Play On It

Coles Ther Awsome

Target If I Am To Get Coles Off My Games Revenge

Jim Keeper 2 Villians Are Down

Keeper Jimmy Youre Getting The Super Strike Mode It Might Be Tuff And Your Gaming Mode Hun A Attack Go

Jim Yes Old Man

E B Games Ha Ha Ha Il Game This Sqare


Jim Hun A Game Guy Cool Moto Motobike




E B Triangle


(jim falls off his bike)

Jim This Guys Tuff

E B Games Really Thank You Ha

Jim This Isnt Funny

Snack Jims Right Il Use My Heart

E B Games Fools


E B Games Im A Man Of My Own World Back Off Or Die (leaves)

Target Ugh What Does Coles Like Uh Yes Big Form

E B Games Immmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Back

Target Ugh

E B Games Whatts Wrong Fool

Target Coles On My Games Revenge Is Mine

Coles Target Come

Target Yes Master

Coles Get Me More Apple Juice

Target Fucking Lazy Pig

E B Games Laughs

Jim Keeper Wheres My Gameing Mode E B Games He Was Strong

Keeper You Need To Earn It

Jim Why

Keeper Because Im Lazy Ahhhhh Yes

Big W Safeway You Fool

Safeway That Fool Jimmy Is A Idiot

Bunninngs Aggred Laughs

Big W Bunninngs

Bunninngs Yes Its Me


Safeway Ugh

Bunninngs Come With Me Big W

Big W Oh Man

Jim We Let Him Get Away Im Going Down

E B Games Ha Ha Ha Jimmy

Jim Wastle Of Time

E B Games Jimmy You Made It

Jim Yes I Did Super Strike Mode Hun

Keeper I Told You Kid You Need To Earn It You Silly Baffoon

Jim Baffoon You Son Of A.........

E B Games Lets Go

Big W What Do You Want With Me

Bunninngs Nothing Much Just Your Destrcotion

Target Ahhhhhh Safeway

Safeway Target Go Back Up With Coles

Target Hes On My Games

E B Games Lets Go


Coles Yes 49 Level Son Of A

Target Get Off My Games

Coles Never Ther Mine Now

Target Ok I Will Fight You For It

Coles Ok Lets Do It

Target Laughs

(coles attacks target target shoots coles coles slashes target then shoots him)

Coles I Am Victories Your Games Are Miner Now Idiot And Now That I Win Clean My Room

E B Games Face Me

Jim Gameing Mode


E B Games What Was That


Jim Victory

Coles No Target Do It I Quit This Game Its Bullshit Big Form

E B Games Ha

Jim Gaming Megazord

E B Games Victories Is Mine

Jim Gaming Strike


Jim Yes Yes Yes


Keeper Yes You Mastered It Victory Is Finaly Yours

Jim Yes It Is


Target Its Good To Have These Games Back Wait Did You Eat Mcdonalds Wheres Mcdonalds In Here Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

The End

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