Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Jim Krieg

Ernie Altbacker William Fouracres

Directed by Mark Beesley
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Plot Edit

Safeway & Big W Open A Gate And Set A Monster Loose Jim Finds Out The Monster Has A Secret Weapon And Takes It Out In The Meantime Coles Descoveres That A Old Friend Has Returned Since He Was Trapped Porior Curse Of The Fist

Transcript Edit

Big W Yes At Last Victory Is Finaly

Safeway Shutup Im Bizzy

Coles There Is A Guy Nammed Best & Lest He Was A Warrior But A Fool Inside I Dont Know How He Got Out But What A Fool To Tresspass Me

Kmart Chill It

Target This Game Is Fucken Awsome Man

Coles No It Is- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Target What

Jim Keeper What Does Coles Want With You

Keeper There Was A Warrior Nammed Best And Lest He Was Attacking One Of My Well My Friends I Jumped In To Save Her But Coles Destroyed Her And He Sweared Vengens Aginst Me

Jim Ok

Best & Lest Ugh

Coles Hello Welcome Back

Best & Lest Piss Off

Coles Never

Best & Lest Yes You Will

Coles I Dont Think So

Safeway Finaly Im Victory

Jim Hun Theres A Threat Here Lets Go

Big W Hello

Jim Gasp

Big W Hero Boy I Have Had Eongh Of Your Games

Jim Think Again

Big W I Have And I Will Not

Big W And You'lle Be Destroyed


Jim Ugh

Big W Laughs

Jim Not..............Funny

Big W Fool I Only Want One Thing From You The Gem

Jim Never

Snack Let Us Join In

Big W What Impossable


Big W Il Be Back Another Day (leaves)

Best & Lest Hi (slashes jim)

Jim Ugh

Best & Lest Let My Minuns Handle The You

Snack Nice To See You Again Lest



Keeper Goodjob If You Hadent Defeated Best & Lest Sledge W- I Mean Coles Would Of Gained Contral Of Your Gems

Jim Sledge?

The End

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