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Written by User:Ernief0000

William Fouracres

Directed by Vanessa Alexander
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Plot Edit

Big W And Jim Battle But Big W Has Kiddnapped Jims Dad Keeper Gives Jim The Moto Motobike

Transcript Edit

Coles Kmart Wheres Target Now

Target Common GTA 4 I Need A Gu-

Coles Get Off Your Playstaion Butt And Find A Monster For Me Or Suffer The Wrath

Target Ahhhhh Master Coles Ive Got A Monster His Names McDonalds He Can Fight Like A Warrior And Hes Powerful He Destroyed 76 Monsteres Behold Mcdonalds Yes

McDonalds a Bit More Time

Jim Wheres My McDonalds

Snack Yum

Jim No Serley Where The Fuck Is It

McDonalds If Its A McDonalds They Want Its A McDonalds They Get

Jim A Att-

Teacher Jimmy Get Here

Jim Oh No

Teacher You And Me Need A Tallk

Snack Wow

Pack Let Me

McDonals Destrcotion To All

Jim Why The Fuck Did I Bother

Teacher Master

Princeable You Fool

Jim Guys Im-


McDonalds You Again

Big W Yes Its Us Like Always

Jim Shit You 4 Take McDonalds On Ive Got These 2

TGarget Told You Now Le- Hey No Fair

Coles Not That Fast Now Send Stocklands Out To Destroy Jimmy

Target Fine

Jim Ugh

Safeway Woolworths Mode

Woolworths Idiot

Jim Thin Again


Jim Ugh

Big W Miss Me

(meanwhile at the mcdonalds fight)

Curry This Guy Is Tuff

McDonalds No Im Not


Curry Ultra Mode Cool

Keeper Jim You Have Got The Moto Motobike Use It

Jim Fine Moto Motobike

Big W Common On

Jim Fire




Safeway (falls out of Woolworths Mode) What..............Is That Bike Made Off

Big W Lets Retreat

Jim Corwads Guys

McDonalds Give Up

Jim Moto Motobike

McDonalds Whatts That




Coles You Do Something Ugh Nevermind

Kmart Target They Have To Go

Big W That Fool Got Us

Safeway I Know Thats Why I Have A Plan

Big W Shutup I Have The Plan

The End

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