Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Air date Unknown
Written by William Fouracres

Seth Walther & Jill Donnellan

Directed by Charlie Haskell
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Jim Finds The Location Of The Next Fist But Coles Ambushes Him And Takes The Tracker

Transcript Edit

Jim Ugh Ive Got To Trian

Keeper No Dont Be Foolish Your Stupidness Dosent Amaze Me Ugh

Jim A Attack

Coles You Fools Kmart A Warrior

Kmart Yes Hes Name Is Dic Smith He Was A Great Warrior Now He'll Destracte Jimmy

Dick Smith Ahhhh Yes

Target Go Go Go Level 98 Yeah Baby

Coles Idiot You Little Dickhead Im Trying To Rule The Universe With You Playing On That Shit Ugh Kmart Dick Smith Is A Warrior

Kmart Yes Master

Dick Smith Dick Smith At Your Serves

Jim Ok Ive Got It Its At The River Keeper Stay Here And Look After This Snack & Connor Come With Me

Target Have We Seen Bunnings Since The Battle Befor Aldi He's Dissappred

Jim Ok Now-

Bunninngs Ha

Jim You Ultra Gold Fist

Bunninngs Come Spotlight

Spotlight Yes Master

Jim Ok Weird Ultra Slash


Keeper Ahhhhh Yes N-

Coles Hello Keeper

Keeper Coles

Coles (attacks keeper and takes the tracer and leaves)

Jim Now Its Over

Bunninngs Never

Jim Yes

Big W Who What

Brian Its Fools Trying To Attack Us

Coles Ive Got It At Last Victory

Target Good For You Level 57 Yes

Coles Ugh Turn That Shit Off I Have It At Long Last Its Mine

Spotlight Fool

Jim No Never Final Strike


Coles Very Well Big Form

Spotlight Yes

Jim Jungle Fury Megazord

Spotlight Jungle Fury Idiots

Jim Final Strike


Jim Yes At Last

Coles I Have It At Last Now il Track The 7th Gem Laughs

The End

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