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Written by Seth McDonald

William Fouracres Ako Sako

Directed by John Fang
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Officeworks Has A Way To Wipe Out The Fistes Gems Power But He Plans A Move On The Way........

Transcript Edit

Aldi I Have Returned Safeway

Safeway Ha That Idiot IGA Felt Pain Now You Officeworks You Abey Us Now Not Coles Or His Crew

Officeworks Yes My Leach

Jim Ugh Impossable We Fell Thats It

Brian No Were Going To Do It Together

Jim Were Right Well Your Wright Lets Do It Samuai Sorwad Strike


Jim Ok Lets Move

Safeway Aldi Go Destroy Coles Officeworks Destroy Jimmy

Officeworks Yes My Leach

Jim Come Forwad

Officeworks Thats The Best You Got Really

Jim Yes Final Strike


Officeworks Fool

Jim Ugh No

Aldi Hey Coles

Coles Aldi Impossable That Fool IGA Was Weak

Aldi Indeed He Was So Are You

Woolworths No His Not Brother

Jim Im Taking Him On Power Up

Officeworks Impossable

Snack 1

Pack 2

Jim 3

Brian 4

Connor 5

Curry 6

Jim Snack Pack Curry Connor & Brian Strike


Aldi Weak Thing Maga Beem

Coles Get Off My Ship

Aldi Make Me

Jim Oh Man Ive Got A New Magic Megazord Its Strong But Lets Go Jungle Fury Megazord

Officeworks Weak Thing


Jim Ugh (the 6 fall down off the ground)

Jim Mystic Force Megazord

Officeworks Magic Is So Dumb

Jim Not If You Belive In It

Snack Final Strike


Jim Ugh Yes


Aldi Il Be Back Another Day You've Only Got 1 Teammate Thats Useless Laughs

Coles Why You

Jim Ok I Heard That IGA Was Destroyed And Kmart Was Destroyed Its Just Coles Target Big W Bunninngs And Safeway With Aldi We Have Got To Act Faster Lets Do It

The End

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