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Written by Len Uhley

Mitt Grain & Len Wein

Directed by Sam Lui
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Bunninngs Lanches A Attack On Jims Base And......Coles Plans A Attack Too

Transcript Edit

Prevley On Quest of the fist

Bunninngs Your Going In There To Vow A Portol And Get Out With My Price

Big W Fine I Will

Bunninngs Fool

(bunninngs lets w go down there big w gets the thing bunninngs pulls him up big w gives him the thing bunninngs lets go of the rope and gets the thing) Laughs

Big You Betrayed Me


Bunninngs Yes I Did I Just Wanted This

Aldi Found You

Bunninngs Too Late Aldi The Thing Is Mine

Aldi Wheres Big W

Bunninngs Oh That Luntic Hes Gone Down To The Fire Goodbye Laughs

Aldi Wait Untill Woolworths Hears About This

Bunninngs He'll Get Destroyed Soon Like You

Aldi How Would You

Bunninngs Oh Yes Your A Fool

Aldi Your No

Bunninngs Im No Longer Called Bunninngs Now I Am SUPER BUNNINNGS You Are A Fool I Am Buntoc After Jokemans Defeat I Was Created Bunninngs Life Force Still Lives Inside Me Now Back Off

Woolworths Ha

Jim Magic Mystic Force Megazord

Woolworths Fool

Jim Lets Strike Him Down


Woolworths Pathetic What

Super Bunninnngs Come And Face Me

Woolworths You Fool

Super Bunninngs Lame Goodbye Jimmy

Jim Gasp Super Bunninngs

And Now

Super Bunninngs Aldi You Are Now My Minun

Aldi Never

Super Bunninngs Laughs

Jim Guys We Need New Powers

Keeper Havent Got Any

Super Bunninngs Yes That Fool Aldi Is A Idiot Now My 2nd Plan To Destroy Jimmy

Jim Theres A Attack

Super Bunninngs Come And Face Me Jimmy

Keeper No Dont Its A Trap

Jim Im Finshing Him

Jim You Said You Wanted Me You've Got Me

Super Bunninngs Im Vengens

Jim No Your Not Power Up Gaming Mode Lets Battle

Super Bunninngs Yes Lets Do

(bunninngs and jim face jim shoots bunninngs but jim gets bunninngs bunninngs gets a rope ties jim in it then slashes him CRASH jim gets back up) Jim Why (bunninngs shoots jim then gets his weapon) Bunnninngs Your Weak And Puny Theres No One To Save You As Its Just You And Me So Dont Beg For Help And Enjoy Your Last Day) (jim then shoots bunninngs but bunninngs charges at him the 5 boys proteck him)

Snack Were Staying By Your Side Forever

Super Bunninngs Impossable

Jim You 5 Ive Got A Plan

Super Bunninngs Bullshit Theres No More Plans For Anyone

Jim Your Wrong Always We Have Plans

Bunninngs Warehouse Mode Now

Warehouse Laughs Ha Ha Ha Face Me Jimmy

Jim Guys You Back Down Im The One Whos Handling Him

Rece Face Me

Snack Gess We Have To

Warehouse Fool You Are Powerless Young Fool I Am Victory You Are A Fool (shoots jim jim uses his sorwads to attack warehouse warehouse shoots jim jim then shoots warehouse it dosent harm him) Jim Ugh His Tuff (jim then shoots bunninngs with his lazer then bunninngs slashes him) Jim Ok Im Useing It Gaming Mode (jim slashes warehouse warehouse shoots jim out of gaming mode) Warehouse You Never Learn

Jim Yes You Never This Is The Last Turn

Warehouse Very Well

Jim Blade Sorwad (jim and warehouse strike at each other)


Snack Lets Finsh This Final Angry Strike


Bunninngs Ugh............................No No No

Super Bunninngs How Your Just A Kid A Boy A Foolish Earthling

Jim And Your Just A Angry Alien Now Im Finshing This

Jim Blade Sorwad


Bunninngs You Are A Fool............................I Am Defeated And Destroyed


Jim Ugh

Snack Jim

Jim Guys I Just Mang- Ugh

Curry Lets Get Him Home

Keeper What Happened

Jim I Just Defeated Bunninngs He Was Tuff But I Manged To Destroy Him For Good Now Guys IGA Kmart Bunninngs Safeway & Big W Are Defeated And Destroyed Aldi Coles And Target Are Still Out There 3 More Villians To Go

Keeper Guys Then The Mcdonalds Hungry Jacks And KFC With Subway Come To Earth

Jim No Way

The End

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