Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Air date Unknown
Written by William Fouracres

Peter Wiseman

Directed by Mike Smith
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Plot Edit

Jim Finds Out That The Boys Partents Were Destroyed By W And The Boy Relives Hes Got The Brown Gem With The Fist And Relives Hes Brian The 6th Member But He Still Belives That Jim Killed His Partents

Transcript Edit

Jim Ugh That Boy Hes Strong Hes Like 10000000 Strikes

Big W That Fool Brian Does Not Know That We Killed His Partents

Brian Is It Done

Jim Ugh

Snack Keeper Wheres Our New Zord Is It Coming

Keeper Yes It Is Laid But Oh No

Coles Gess Whos Back

Jim Him

Snack Ultra Gold Fi- I Mean Ultra Silver Fist

Coles Idiots

Jim Im Going

Kmart Coles Is A Idiot

Target Go Jump Spin Yah 23rd Level Yes Finaly

Kmart Stupid Junk

Jim Hun

Big W That Fool Brian Does Not Know We Killed His Partents

Jim Gasp Ther Th-

Safeway You


Jim No

Brian You Again

Jim Hi Is It Brian Well They Killed Your Partents

Big W Bullshit Destroy Him

Brian With Pluser Ultra Punch


Jim Ugh

Coles Miss Me Your Dead

Curry Wheres Jim

Coles Worry About Yourself (shoots Curry Then Grabs Him) Actley Hes Fighting The 6th Member Of The Team Brian

Snack Oh No I-

Kmart No You Wont

Jim Ugh

Brian Come Priceline

Priceline Yes

Jim Wait Saber Mode Brian You And Me

Priceline Never

Jim Ok

Brian Get Him



Jim Moto Motobike Oh No


Bunninngs Fool Laughs

Brain Leave Priceline Here

Jim Corwads Ok You And Me Wow Thanks Keeper A Sentel Knight Suit Yes Ya (goes the knight battles priceline and slashes him)

Coles Im Leaving

Snack Fine


Jim Guys Earlier I Found Out Brians Partents Were Killed By Big W We Need To Get Him On Our Side

Pack That Will Be Tough

Connor Yeah Aggred

(meanwhile in the dark)

Brian Laughs Fools (brian leaves the sence)

The End

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