Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Air date Unknown
Written by William Fouracres

Jeffrey Newman Judd Lynn & Tiffany McDonald

Directed by Britta Johnstone
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Jim Figers Out The True Path Of Sioence And Must Use It On Bunnings Newest Monster

Transcript Edit

Bunninngs IGA His Back Ahhhh Yes A Fool Aldi

Aldi Ugh You Fools I Am Vengens Just Watch As..............As Ugh IGA His A Idiot Il Win Aginst Him

Jim Ok Now A New Warrior Is Back

Coles Laughs IGA Your Back I Should Of Know Now I Only Safed You Because You Helped Me

IGA We Have More Promblens Than A Reuion You Fool

Target Yes We Do Level 100000000


Target Ugh

Jim Ok Now Heres The Plan Im Going In To Face IGA

IGA Ive Got A Warrior

Coles Who

IGA Um.........Betta Ahhhh Yes

Betta Ha Ha Ha

Jim Guys Focus

Keeper No Jimmy Your The One Who Should Foucos And Relax You Should A Attack You 5 Go Jimmy We Need To Do Some Trainninng

Snack Hun There

Betta Im A Warrior

Curry Good For You


Betta Ugh No

Connor While Hes Down


Snack Victory

Betta Not For Long

Snack Gasp But

Betta Ha Ha Ha You Fool

Betta Im 100000000 Times Powerful Than That Now Suffer


Snack Ugh (the 5 fall down and Then They Are Down)

Betta I Return

Jim Ya Ya Ya

Snack Keeper You Old Forgetful fool jim should of comed then we-

Keeper No

Snack Yeah But

Keeper NO

Coles Goodjob IGA You Just Destroyed Them But Jimmy He Wasnt There

IGA Now To Get That Energem

Betta Boys Come And Face Me

Snack Im Going

Keeper Now Train

Jim Ya



Keeper Now 200 More Laps

Snack Were Here

Betta Fools Watch As Your World Goes In Pices Ha Ha Ha

Jim 199 200 Yes

Keeper Just One More Thing Find The 2nd Energem You Must Defeat That Betta Guy With It

Jim Ok

Betta Fools Im Back

Snack Ok More Destroying


Betta Do Not Fight It Dosent Help You


Jim Yes Got It

Betta Now Die

Brian Never

Betta Yes


Jim Dont Think So

Betta Him Again You Will Die


Jim Energem Punch


Jim No

Betta Big Form

Jim Jungle Fury Megazord Lion Fury Megazord Commbind

Betta Fool


Jim Ugh


Betta Fools I Win You Whatt You Son Of A Bitch


Jim Energem Megazord Commbind

Betta Weak Thing

Jim Energem Punch


IGA No Whatts Yes Finaly

Betta Ugh..............You May Have Defeat- Ugh Defeated Me But You Wont Defeat Coles And Vengens Will Be Min-


Jim Finaly The 2nd Energem

Keeper The 3rd One Is Near

The End

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