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Air date Unknown
Written by Mark Hoffmeier
Directed by Mark Beesley
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Plot Edit

With The 7th Gem And The Stargo Map In His Posion Coles Takes His Quest Seriesley And Finds The Location To The 7th Gem's Zord

Transcript Edit

Jim Ok Now With The 7th Gem In Coles Hands We Need To Act Fast

Keeper Jims Right Coles Can Get The Zord Lets Find It The Stargo Map Leads Him To Its Zord And If He Get- Oh No A Attack Its Aldi Hun

aldi Fools Im Back

Jim You

Aldi Ha

Jim Um Lets Try It

aldi Oh No Lets Not

(aldi slashes the boys)

Aldi Fools

Jim Claw Cann Oh No His Comming In Fast



Jim Ugh

Aldi Bye

(in coles ship)

Aldi Yes I Want A Alliance With You That Fool Safe & W Cant Stand Me

Kmart I Think Its Stupid

Aldi Ugh I Think Your Stupid

Kmart Your 100 Times Stupider Than Me IGA And Foodworks Were Your Team Mates


Coles Fine Lead Me To The 7th Zord And Your On Our Team But If You ARE DEFEATED JUST ONCE I WILL DESTROY YOU

Aldi Yes Master Fool

Coles Idiot

(at the base)

Jim Immmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Bored

Keeper Clean My Smelly Feat

Jim No

Keeper Ugh Dont Got Time For This Hun Its Aldi Guys Go Out There And Battle Him

Aldi Wackie Wackie

Jim You

Aldi Ahhhhhhhhh Yes Finaly The Time Has Come I Have Made A Alliance With That Idiot Coles Soon I Will Betray Him And Wipe Out His Team Mates Well Kill Em But Frist Lets Battle

Jim Ok Lets Battle

Jim Super Sentel Mode Ya

Aldi Big Deal (fights with jim jim attacks aldi aldi shoots Jim Jim Is Then Slashed By Aldi) Hahahaha Pathetic Hahahahaha Useless

Jim No

Aldi Heres The Thing


Aldi Yes At Last (grabs jim) STAY OUT OF MY WAY OR YOU WILL SUFFER (trows jim)

Jim Ugh Im Not Giving Up

Aldi Yes You Are




Jim No Wa-.........................Ugh................................ (falls down)

(aldi returns back to the ship)

Aldi His Hurt But If He Strikes Again He Will Suffer

Coles Good Guys Were Going After The Zord

The End

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