Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Air date Unknown
Written by Len Uhley
Directed by Charlie Haskell

John Laing Yujl Nogel

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Aldi Plans To Make A Final Move Befor He Rules The Earth.....

Transcript Edit

Prevley On Quest Of The Fist

Aldi This Earth Isnt Coles Its Mine Pathetic Safeway And W Dumb Bunninngs And Kmart And Stupid IGA And Foolish Coles And Target Finaly Its Time

Target For What

Aldi My Super Mode Laughs

And Now

Aldi Jimmy Face Me

Jim Ugh Coles Snack Curry Face Coles Brian Connor And Pack Face Target Im Taking Aldi On

Aldi Fool

Jim Moto Motobike

Keeper Jimmy You Now Gain The SuperStrike Mode

Jim Wow Yeah

Aldi Its About Time You Gotten Stronger Fool

Jim (charges at aldi aldi shoots jim jim Gets His SuperStrike Mode And Strikes At Aldi)

Aldi Laughs You Are A Dumb Dumb Once You Dickhead Friends Die You Will Fall

Jim Moto Strikebike

Snack Ugh

Target Pathetic


Coles Lets Use All Our Power To Destroy The Gems

Aldi No

Jim Stubborn Guy

Aldi Ugh Impossable

Jim Flash Attack


Jim Finaly

Aldi Ugh Thats It Power Up Its Been A Good Attack But Now Times Up

To Be Contied......

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