Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Air date Unknown
Written by William Fouracres
Directed by Van Sui Gen

Mike Smith

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Coles Trows The Bigest Attack Yet Meanwhile The 6 Boys Get The 7th Gem And Have Ther Hands Full With A New Invashen.....

Transcript Edit

Jim Lets Battle

Coles Laughs Your A Fool

Jim Yeah Maybe But ya no match for me

Coles Yes I Am

Jim Superstrike Mode

Keeper Jim Be Caufeal

Jim I Will

Target Hello Old Man

Snack Stay Away From Our Master

Target Lets See Who Wins Megazord Time)

Jim This Is Your Last Day Coles

Coles Fool

Jim Theres No Fool Expect You

(jim attacks coles but coles kicks him) Coles Why Do You Fight Your Pathetic And Now Target That Bomb

Target No I Betrayed You

Coles You Dick

Target Megazord Final Strike

Jim Guys The Jungle Fury Megazord

Snack Jungle Fury Megazord Now Blast It Back To Him

Target What You


Curry Final Strike


Target Is That Your Best You Cannnt Defeat Me

Jim Coles Its The End Of The Line For You

Coles Laughs Really I Came To This Planet To Rule It How Much Years Have You Been Doing This For Fool

Jim No Your Sprirt Will Never Be Good And You Will Be Destroyed Goodbye Coles

Coles Whatts This I Never Said My Sprirts Good I Said I Want This Planet

Jim Final SuperStrike Slash


Coles Big Form

Target Times Up

Snack Im Taking Him On FlameStrike


Coles That Idiot Target Now Its My Turn

Jim Mystic Megazord

Jim Times Up Coles Final Mystic Strike


Coles Idiot

Jim Guys All Strike At Coles Dont Stop Do It Together 1 2 And 3 GO

Snack Jim Curry And Connor With Brian And Pack Strike







Jim One More Strike


Coles Lisen Here...................(grabs the megazord) I Want Revenge Vengens This Is What you Repay Me For Thats Eongh-


Jim Yes Now Lets Go


Jim Look I Found A Gem

Snack The 7th Gem

Jim So You Said Mcdonalds Was Coming

Keeper Yes He W-


Mcdonalds Laughs

To Be Contied......

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