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Written by Seth McDonald
Directed by James Barr
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Brian & Jim Are Very Fussy After One Of Coles New Warriors Relizes A Toxic Tube In Them

Transcript Edit

IGA Laughs

Coles Whatts So Funny About This

IGA Nothing Much Just That Kmart Was A Idiot So Il Go Down And Destroy Jimmy

Target Good For You Ive Just Reached Level 10000098

Coles Ugh Bullshit

IGA There It Is Finaly Now Come Officeworks Destracke Jimmy

(jim and the otheres train jim wins)

Brian Why

Jim Why What

Brian Why Win

Jim Oh Ok Brian I Was The 1st On The Team Then Snack Curry Connor Pack & You

Brian Ok

IGA Ha Ha Ha

Aldi You

IGA Yes So

Aldi Fight Me

IGA With Pluser

Jim A Attack Lets Go

Officeworks Ha

Jim You

aldi (slashes IGA In A Bin IGA Shoots Aldi Down) Ha Pathetic Your Worthless And Weak But I Have Waited More Than Eongh For You Kmart Was A Fool And Failed So......Revenge Is Mine Once The Cat Gets Your Toung There Will Be Flames Around You And Coles & Target Wont Safe You Now Lets See Whos The Better Warrior

IGA Ha Reddy

Aldi Reddy GO

Jim (attacks officeworks officeworks shoots him then officeworks slashes him)

Jim Ugh

Aldi Ha


(the 2 attak each other)

IGA Fool You Arent A Mat- Ugh No Impossable How

Aldi I Just Striked At You Now Take This


Jim Oh No

Officeworks Im Going (leaves)

Jim Gasp Oh Man

The End

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