Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Seth Walther

Jim Krieg Adam Bechman

Directed by Vanessa Alexander
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Plot Edit

Jim And Curry Find The Brown Fist But Safeway & Big W Have Its Gem

Transcript Edit

Big W Hahaha I Have The Gem Of The Brown Fist

Safeway We

Big W Who Says

Safeway Idiot I Say Hun

Jim Keeper Whos Sledge

Keeper He Was A Bounty Hunter Looking For The EnerGems They Were Objects But They Somehow Dissparred I Dont Know Where So Dont Ask Me

Jim Where

Keeper Ugh

Big W Now Hun Him Again

Jim Guys Look

Curry Big W

Big W Yes Destrcotion

Jim Super Mode

Big W Die


Keeper Wait If Im Not Mestaken The 1st Energem Is At The Mountan

Big W Ugh Im Leaving

Jim Fine

The End

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