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Written by William Fouracres
Directed by Yujl Nogel
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Jim Faces Woolworths Woolworths Destroyes The Megazord Snack & Curry Are Kiddnapped By Coles Newest Warrior.......

Transcript Edit

Keeper Oh No We Dont Have That Much Time Coles'es Attack Is On Go To Bed Jimmy It Is 1:57 Nearly 2:00

Jim Keeper Your Hiding Something From Us

Coles Ugh Thats Eongh Kmart & IGA Have Fallen You Target Are My Next Plan That Fool Aldi Keeps Ambushing Me that should not UGH Thats It Ive Got It

Woolworths Hen

Jim A Attack

Woolworths Hello Jimmy Destrcotion Is Near

Jim Ok Now Guys i-


Big W No Thats Where That Foolish Adventure Time Charcter Alshed The Marc Dad What Are You Thinking

Bunninngs Nothing Really Just your destrcotion You See Big W IGA & Kmart Have Fallen A-

Aldi Yes They Have A Alliance

Bunninngs Never (attacks aldi aldi shoots Bunninngs)

Aldi Fool I Asked You Idiot Your Going Into That Have Fun While I Take W With Me (leaves with big w)

Woolworths Jimmy Lets Go (attacks jim jim shoots him)

Jim Final Strike


Coles His Dead Yes Impossable How

Safeway Ugh................................No How Could You My Form Is Destroyed Thanks A Lot Big Form

Safeway Laughs

Woolworths Lets Play

Jim Jungle Fury Megazord

Woolworths Fool


(the 6 fall out of the megazord)

Jim Ugh

Snack Ugh

Curry Ugh

Connor Ugh

Pack Ugh

Brian Ugh

Woolworths I May Beed Defeated Befor But This Is Your Last Day Jimmy

Bunninngs Get Back Here

Aldi No (runs up the tree)


Woolworths Die


Jim Ugh

Snack This Isnt Working Woolworths Is Strong

Woolworths Yes Thanks But I Destroy The City

Aldi Yes Victories Is Ours

Bunninngs More Like Mine


Aldi Ugh Strong Vest Mode

Bunninngs No Time (leaves with big w)

Bunninngs Your Going In There To Vow A Portol And Get Out With My Price

Big W Fine I Will

Bunninngs Fool

(bunninngs lets w go down there big w gets the thing bunninngs pulls him up big w gives him the thing bunninngs lets go of the rope and gets the thing) Laughs

Big You Betrayed Me


Bunninngs Yes I Did I Just Wanted This

Aldi Found You

Bunninngs Too Late Aldi The Thing Is Mine

Aldi Wheres Big W

Bunninngs Oh That Luntic Hes Gone Down To The Fire Goodbye Laughs

Aldi Wait Untill Woolworths Hears About This

Bunninngs He'll Get Destroyed Soon Like You

Aldi How Would You

Bunninngs Oh Yes Your A Fool

Aldi Your No

Bunninngs Im No Longer Called Bunninngs Now I Am SUPER BUNNINNGS You Are A Fool I Am Buntoc After Jokemans Defeat I Was Created Bunninngs Life Force Still Lives Inside Me Now Back Off

Woolworths Ha

Jim Magic Mystic Force Megazord

Woolworths Fool

Jim Lets Strike Him Down


Woolworths Pathetic What

Super Bunninnngs Come And Face Me

Woolworths You Fool

Super Bunninngs Your Sucker W Is Destroyed And Im Victories

Jim Look There

Snack il Handle Bunninngs

Jim Me Too You 4 Handle Woolworths

Super Bunninngs Your Pathetic Always

Woolworths You-


Curry Lets Show Him

Woolworths What

Jim Bunninngs

Super Bunninngs I Am Super Bunninngs Bunninngs Is No More Since Thanks To Big W I Got This

Jim Never

Super Bunninngs Foolish Boy


Jim Ugh.........................

Woolworths No Whatt Stop

Curry Final SWAT Ultra Power Strike


Curry Yes

Woolworths No.................I Am Vengens The Only One Whos Smart The 3rd Main Well The 10th Main Villian Destroyed Impo-


Super Bunninngs Lame Goodbye Jimmy

Jim Gasp Super Bunninngs

Coles Laughs Woolworths Is No More

Target Why Whatts So Funny

Coles Mind Your Own Bissness

The End

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