Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Air date Unknown
Written by William Fouracres
Directed by Vanessa Alexander

Mike Smith Mike Drew

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Keeper Vows A Ultra Attack On Coles Ship Destroying It Coles And Target Are Forced To Live On Earth And Vow A Plan To Do The Same To The Boys Base.......

Transcript Edit

Jim Finaly We Have Defeated Bunninngs IGA And Kmart With Woolworths Hun

Keeper Were Vowing A Attack To Do It And Big W Was Destroyed As Well Now Lets Go

Keeper Canns Reddy 1 2 3 Go

Jim Moto Motobike




Coles Ugh Fools The Last Monster Aldi Impossable

Target Back Off

Aldi No If We Work Together W-


Jim Yes Finaly

(jim fires a attack it hites coles ship and it is destroyed)

Coles Impossable That Idiot Jimmy Thats It Lets Do It To Ther Base

Jim Now Lets Return

Jim Ahhh Fin-


Target Ha Ha Ha

Jim Target How

Coles Me Yes Finaly I Am Vengens Time For Revenge

Jim Yes My Revenge

Coles (slashes jim jim shoots coles) Ugh Impossable

Jim Its Time For Revenge

Coles Never (shoots jim jim uses the moto motobike but coles Strikes At Him)

Coles Fool I Knew You Were Weak But Now I Am Powerful I Am Coles Aier To My Throne


Jim Ugh

Coles Lets Battle

Jim Fine (shoots coles but coles strikes at Jim) Coles Want More (jim uses the super Strikemode On Coles But Coles Shoots Jim)

Coles Fool

Jim Ugh No


Target Aldi Hun

Aldi This Earth Isnt Coles Its Mine Pathetic Safeway And W Dumb Bunninngs And Kmart And Stupid IGA And Foolish Coles And Target Finaly Its Time

Target For What

Aldi My Super Mode Laughs

To Be Contied.....

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