Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Air date Unknown
Written by William Fouracres

Len Wein & Judd Lynn

Directed by Mike Smith
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Aldi Battles Jim & Defeats Him Keeper Finds Out His Strong Enmeys Back But Aldi Has Plans For His Own

Transcript Edit

Prevley On Quest Of The Fist

Keeper Its Aldi I Met Him

Aldi You Fool Now Im Going To Get Revenge On Keeper Then Il Destroy Earth You Were Pathetic And Worthless In This Fight Nevermind Il Concqer Earth And Destroy Keeper Then Il Kill Coles And His Stupid Brand After That Nothing Will Stand In My Way

Jim You Will................Never Win Ugh (falls down)

Aldi Worthless

And Now

Jim What Happened

Snack Aldis Gone We Retreated

Curry But Coles Gasp Oh No

Aldi Goodjob Whatts New Now Lets Attac Coles

Target Fire The Canns




Aldi Fools

Jim Im Going

Aldi Worthless Pices Of Junk


Target Coles A Tank

aldi No Coles Lets Battle

Keeper Guys Use The Sprer To Defeat Whatts New Aldi Will Be After

Jim No Im Going After Him

Keeper Foolish Boy Dont

Jim Dosent Matter Il Go Up aginst Him

Aldi No- You

Jim Yes Its Me Ultra Gold Fist Ya




Jim Now Lets Battle

Aldi Your On

Curry You

Snack Ultra Mode Heart Of The Sprer

Whatts New Thats It (slashes the 4)

Snack You Will Never Win

Whatts New Fools

Jim (slashes aldi Aldi Shoots Jim Jim Slashes Aldi Aldi Shoots The Boy Jim Slashes Aldi Aldi Shoots Jim)

Jim Ugh Il Never Win Wait Keeper Give Me Something

Keeper The Ultra Charge Mode You 5 Have All Got It Use It

Jim Lets Hope This Works Ultra Charge Mode

Aldi Impossable You Weak Bastered

Jim No Your Weak (slashes aldi aldi shoots jim but jim slashes him 3 times Aldi Then Grabs Jim)

Aldi If I Had That Power You Will Be Destroyed

Jim Well Tuff Tites (shoots Aldi Aldi Smashes Jim But Jim Shoots Aldi Aldi Falls Down) Ok.........Im Useing............The Power Final Strike


Aldi Next.............Time Jimmy Next Time (leaves)

Snack Yes Finaly Strike Ago


Whatts New Im.............Possa....................ble


Coles I Know I Dont Like Aldi But Big Form

Whatts New Fool

Snack Ok Lictal Megazord Final Slash


Whatts New Aldi I Failed You


Keeper Aldi Got Away Goodjob Jimmy

Jim It Wasnt My Fault But This Is Just The Begginng Of His Tramp

The End

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