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Written by Peter Wiseman &


Directed by Charlie Haskell
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Aldi The New Villian Seeks His Brother Target For Revenge But Big W Knows Him.........

Transcript Edit

Jim Ahhhhhh Now You 4 We Need To Find Brian Big W & Safeway Are Still Lying To Him

Pack Ive Got A Location I Cant Tell If Its That Guy

Aldi Laughs Now Lets Begin

Aldi Ugh That Fool Target Im Going To Destroy Him

(at coles ship)

Target Yes Now Victory Level 40

Coles Turn That Shit Off

Target Ugh

Coles Hun Whos He

Target My Brother

Aldi Yes ahhhh Im Here (goes on Coles Ship) Target

Coles Off The Brand Says Only Me Target & Kmart Can Come

Aldi Fool


Coles Ugh

Aldi Im Not Here For You Im Here For Target

Kmart Hun No

Aldi Kmart Back Off


Target Le- You

Aldi Long Time No See

Target You Again Lets Battle (slashes Aldi On The Floor Then Shoots Him)

Aldi Ultra Mode (shoots target into his PS2 Then Shoots Him) Yes Victory I Knew You Fools Had No Match Aginst Me Now That Boy- No Safeway Is Next Ive Got A Monster That Is A Warrior Come Whatts New Ahhhh Yes That Foolish Boy Dosent Know That Im Back Now New Go Destroy Him Il Go After The Other Brand

Jim So Keeper You've Got A New Megazord

Keeper Yes No Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-

(a sence Comes)

Aldi Keeper Long Time No See

Keeper Always Have A Being

Aldi Idiot Just Leave Me Alone

Keeper Never


Aldi I Warned You


Big W Safeway A Warrior Has Come

Aldi Well Well Well


Aldi Never

Safeway I Warned YHou Now Fight Me

Whatts New Hahahaha

Safeway Face Me

Aldi Will Do

Jim Guys Safeway & Big W Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Coles

Keeper Its Aldi I Met Him

(a flashback comes)

Keeper No I

Aldi Old Fool Impossable You Will Pay Keeper


(sence comes Back)

Keeper Pack Connor Handle The Attack At The City You 3 Go After Aldi

Jim Yes Finaly

Whatts New Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Yes

Pack You Again

Whatts New Back Off

Pack Never Ultra Fist


Whatts New Fine I Will Destroy You

Pack Ugh

Jim Aldi

Aldi So Your The Boy They Call Jimmy Very Impressive But I Am Aldi Your Stupid Mentor Was A Idiot He Never Defeated Me Now I Fight You

Jim Ok Eongh Tallk Lets Go Moto Motobike

Aldi Ugh You Fool Lets Go

Jim Moto Motowave


Jim Ugh No Way

Aldi Destrcotion Will Come


Jim (falls off gets his sorwad attacks aldi with It)

Curry You

Big W Fool

Snack Ha

Safeway Come On

Whatts New Powerless (shoots curry into connor) As I Though Your Nothing Now Destrcotion

Safeway Ugh Ok Snack No

Keeper Snack You Have Gained The Heart Of The Sprea Use It

Snack You Got It

Aldi Ugh Eongh Im Leaving

Jim No Your Not


Aldi Laughs Fool

Jim Ugh..........................No

Aldi You Fool Now Im Going To Get Revenge On Keeper Then Il Destroy Earth You Were Pathetic And Worthless In This Fight Nevermind Il Concqer Earth And Destroy Keeper Then Il Kill Coles And His Stupid Brand After That Nothing Will Stand In My Way

Jim You Will................Never Win Ugh (falls down)

Aldi Worthless

To Be Contied......

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